sobota, 01. avgust 2015

After Briancon

Comming home with injured ankle was not easy. I was upset, because i knew that i was really in a good shape before. But what happend, happened. And i can't do nothing about this fact anymore.
So, pretty fast i realized, that all i can do is, to put all my concers and energy in best treatment possible! I believed, that if the ankle will work, i can go and climb in imst. If not, not even such a brilliant shape wouldn't help me.A
It was easy to stay really focused and optymistcs at the beginning. I thought, ok, one week at most, than i will put my shoes on, do some more training,, catch up everything what i may missed in last week(s) and go to next comp as nothing happened.
All that time, i still climbed. One-foot-only, but I was more than happy with that. Just that I could climb, at least! :D and do a therapies later...

But as a week or even more than 10 days passed and i still didn't saw quite lot of improovement on healing, i admit, that doubuts come into my head. From day to day it was harder to stay focused and believe 100%. In all, healing, my shape, go to Imst...
Thanks to adidas outdoor for a very nice and personal cheering post and letter. In momments like this, i found it very precious. ...
There also come a momment, when i expected  that i will put my shoes on, and i couldn't. Simply couldn't , because foot was to big to squeeze it in. :(
I got pretty upset and for a momment just thought about to pack my stuff and go home. Sit at some corner, stay there for a while and think everything is miserable - don't worry it won't be for a long;). Luckly, i didn't.
In momments like this, i am thankful to have a coach. With a simple  few words "is it really matters if you put this shoe on today?!?", he just put the things in the right way. And i did a good session after too :).
Well, it really didn't matter if i would put shoe on that day. Or even next day and day after. And i didn't. What was importnat was, that i will/would put my shoes on, when need, for a weekend. And even, if i may (may!) don't go to imst, i would still climb and train those days as i do/did. One foot only...
Well, but just the day before leaving to imst, conditions turned out a bit better. I found a shoes, very soft and 3 size bigger than my usually, which i was able to put on. After almost two weeks of using flip-flops, i was finnaly able to put at least something on my foot! And i was happy with it.
Thanks to Lasportiva for nice and fast support and stock me up for a new challange :)

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