sobota, 01. avgust 2015

WC Imst - qualifications and semifinal ...

When I sit down in a van to took my place on a way to Imst, i had mixed feelings. I was happy, that i am there. I also believed, that i really did all i could in those days. Looking from all aspects - treatment and climbing side, so my 'soul' was clear. All i could do was hoping for the best (health).

I still believed, that if the foot will work, i can fight and try to climb, but if not, i just can't do much in routes. I didn't care so much, what maybe i loose in days without propper training. Because i knew, that with 'may-not-working foot' not even top form can't help.
Foto:@slovenia climbing team by Roman Krajnik
I had started qualifications pretty soon and didn't know much about route. It didn't bother me, because the biggest challange at the momment was to trust to stand on the foot and use it. Climbing was very, very accourd, stiff and uncoordinated. For a momment it looked like, that after almost two weeks i forgot what to do, if i have to use bouth legs... Luckly, i adapted fast. Already on 2nd route conditions were better and I started to trust feet a bit more, clipped the top and was quite happy with the situation. 
Foto: Roman Krajnik 
But it didn't mean nothing at the momment. I knew that the biggest concern is, that i keep my foot cool and calmed down as possible. Because it is only way that it will allow me to use it on this long day for one route more (=not swallow to much that I wouldn't be unable to use climbing shoes again).
Semifinal route was something, that i would usually just run into it and enjeoy hold after hold. This time, i admit, i've been quite struggling from clip to clip. I hated every left foothold, not even mention the heelhoks, tried to forget everthing and say to myself 'everything is ok, just step on it' and fighted furter...
Foto:@the circuit climbing by Eddie Fowke
Somehow, suddely i found myself on last move.Very long and commitment one. Well, i didn't commit at all and fall. Congrats to teammate Janja, who shwed how to do this thing and finished the route! ;)
It was also a great team suces, i think best ever, with 5 members going on to finals! - Janja Garnbret, first time for Tjasa Kalan (who also just missed it for 1place in Briancon), Domen Skofic, Urban Primozic and me! :)

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