petek, 21. februar 2014

Training in January, February, ...

After I came back from Jordan I did not hesitate to start climbing and training back on plastic again. The first few days were interesting and quite hard, but I adapted easily and started to enjoy  working out every day and made progress soon.
at 'DEŠ' - photo by Marko Bratina
Most of the time, I spent with my coach (Roman Krajnik) in Škofa Loka. I also climbed with the Slovenija climbing team, meeting twice per week at different places and gyms all around Slovenija to train together. It is really a pleasure to try hard with good company, nice routes, walls and people who know what to do! :)
Some of the places we were at, included Climbing Center Ljubljana, UrbnRoof, Prestranek, at Domen Škofic's place, DEŠ, ...
more fotos at: Slovenija climbing team FB-page

In-between I also spent some days at Plusclimbing gym in Sežana, appeared on a talk show on national TV, received a reward for best sportswoman of my region and did some other not-just-climbing stuff :)

petek, 14. februar 2014

Jordan project video

Short video clip from Jordan exploring and climbing ... Enjoy! :) - LINK

About: ''adidas athlete Klemen Bečan and his crew spent December and January climbing and bolting new routes in Jordan. They visited Wadi Rum on the south where repeated routes and tried to find new lines. They found them, so now you can enjoy there even harder routes. They also visited areas in the north, where helped locals climbers developt new climbing area near Ajloun. They made 16 new routes and one of them is also new hardest route in Jordan - Same same but different, 8c.''