sreda, 28. avgust 2013

Final stage of bouldering WC's -Munich

After quite a while there came time for last stage of bouldering world cups in 2013, taking place in - Munich! :)
Since my last bouldering moves it really has passed some time, especially because this year I have decided to skip two events (Toronto and Vail). 
Even, that at the moment I am/was putting much more attention and focus on lead, I was very excited and looks forward on this event! 
(maybe, because Munich was always something special for me - I have won my fist boulder WC here (in 2011) and also broke a finger (2012)...well, I admit that I prefer first memory a bit more:).

I have to say, that it felt really nice to do some bouldering again. In semifinals i did 3 boulders, but in too many attempts to reach the finals. But, i have seen, that i am still in touch with bouldering top athletes and could took a part in finals, if i would not do so many mistakes, stupid attempts and sliping of the wall.

At the end i took 10th place on this event and also 10th in overall 2013 bouldering rankings (even, that i have skipped two events). 

About the bouldering, i think at the moment I probably need just some day or two of bouldering, to adapt style and approach a bit from lead. And i believe, mistakes and unusefull attempts could easily disappear :)

My next stop will be already this weekend in Eindhoeven, where will be European Championship in bouldering. 

After competition in Munich, with team we are staying in Germany. There will be enought chances and opportunities to do some nice boudering, but sure, i am promise you, i will not forget on lead and also do some nice routes inbetween! :)

For all followers, please cross fingers for me on 31st of August! :)

More news after European Championship ...

nedelja, 11. avgust 2013

WC Imst :) - and 2nd gold in a week

This time I have really enjoy climbing!
Just after landing at home from world games in Cali, I have packed my stuff and next morning move to next stop - 2nd stage of WC in Imst.

First day we had quite intensive schedule, with two qualifications routes and also semifinals in the evening. I topped out both qualification routes and also in semifinals finished just a hold under the top. Next day, it was just a finals to climb, with all day to relax, prepare and focus on the evening action. Well, it seems I used it pretty well! At the end, I finished on highest point in the route, (almost:) satisfied with my climb and smile on my face!
Long, endurance and fluid routes, makes me almost forget that I am on comp and I have just 'fly' away, somewhere in my world, and just moving between holds on the wall :)

Now, it will be some time to relax and settle down a bit at home. As it is really nice to travel and compete all over the world, this time few days staying at home and train at local gym is something what I just need and want. And sure, make some good preparation for next actions coming up soon – can't wait! :)

ponedeljek, 05. avgust 2013

1st place on World games in Cali – Columbia! :)

 World games are special kind of competition, that takes a part only every 4th year and are kind of 'Olympic games' for non-olympics sports. This year those games were placed in Columbia and it's city Cali.


I was very happy and excited to take a part on those games. And at the end, sure, to show my best and win a gold! :)

Already today I am flying home. More news/report, pictures and so on are coming in next days...

But, don't forget to cross fingers for me this weekend on 9th and 10th of August for next WC stage in Imst! ;)

Bye, mina