petek, 29. marec 2013

2nd and 3rd place on CISM

So, as a very fresh (and proud :) ) member of Slovenian armed forces I have already chance to took a part on my first 'World winter military games' in Annecy. Those games took part every 3 years and are unique and important military event.

We competed in lead, speed and boudler. In lead after qualifications and semifinal there were more girls who have topped all routes (Maja, Jana, Evgenia and me), but in finals there were little things, like, clipping and time decided about winner and following places. Victory went to Evgenia alamid, 3rd to Yana Chereshneva and 4th to Maja Vidmar....

In bouldering Anna Stohr confirm her good shape, following by Evgenia Malamid and me on 3rd. By guy's it was also really good day for Slovenian Klemen Bečan who took a 1st place in lead and 3rd in  ouldering! For more results, click here!
All photo: Rajko Petek

torek, 26. marec 2013

After 1st bouldering WC – not really good strat, but ...

So, first bouldering WC took a place in Chongqing in China and I this time I really can not said I am satisfied with it. I actually do not care so much about result and fact that I have missed a finals for quite much, but what is bothering me is, that I have climbed bad. And that this climb was quite far from what I think I am able to do at the moment.
(Foto: Roman Krjanik)
So, I think that there is nothing else to do, as to stay positive, focused, go to train and prepare for next challenges! :)
(Foto:Roman Krajnik)
But, before that I will move directly to next step – Military winter world games in Annecy

torek, 19. marec 2013

Hello from China

(Foto: Roman Krajnik)
Year has come across and we are already again back in China! For few days, me, Jernej Kruder and my coach will acclimating and climbing in Beijing and than move to Chongqing, where will be start of first bouldering WC competition this year (22nd -23rd of March). Can't wait! :)

For more info, start lists and result updates check