ponedeljek, 26. november 2012

torek, 20. november 2012

Interview with 24/7 tv

Another interview, but this time not just for slovenian-speaking followers ;)

I also have to say, that it was really good and fun, talking and spent some time with this great team, who is following and commentig WC stages during the year! Hope to see you next year too ;) 

ponedeljek, 19. november 2012

An end almost too good to even dream about ...

But, I knew I am able to make it this way! :)

So, after constant good results and competing all year all around the world, the competition circuit came almost to the end. But, there was still last and probably (one of) the most important questions of the year – who will take the lead title of 2012?

I think results are already talking for themselves and there is hardly anything to add ...

EDIT: What i have to say is that it really wasn't easy to climb in this situation. But, i believed in myself, tried to relax as much as possible and enjoy the routes. Until the finals, everything was going quite smooth, but when i started the final route all tension combined and 'hit' me. Hmmm, i wasn't pleased with this felling, but just tried to accept it and climb as normal. But still, during the route i was spending too much energy on quite every move, grabbing holds way too hard and climb on very 'secured' way, what probably costed me a few moves in route. But, it turned out it was enough ...

I knew that the final climb wasn't my best, but for me it was perfect in this particular situation.

Watching Ja-in Kim climb was definitely not easy for me. But at the end, a game is a game and only one can win ...

All congratulations are going also to team mate Maja Vidmar and Momoka Oda, both reached the same height as me in finals, but were placed 3rd and 2nd because of the previous rounds. Also all congratulations Sachi Amma in mens' category for 1st overall lead title! :)

Well, now there will be kind of a long break from the competitions for a few months. But this definitely doesn't mean, that you won't hear from me.  

torek, 13. november 2012

Little interview in slo-media

Here is LINK to some nice interview in slo newspaper. I wish nice reading to all slovenian followers and hope there will be soon some english update :)

ponedeljek, 12. november 2012

Settle down at home :)

Usually i am writing and reporting from competitions, events and places far away, but this time, being at home and do basics things, feels like something special! :)

After all year of travelling and competing around, (what is anyway big satisfaction and pleasure to me), currently i am really happy to be at home. After Asia, i took some time for myself, enjoy life, climbing and company here! :) I also have time to train and climbing again at 'home' gym and after all this time it is funny and fells really good! Well, i also took some time to met friends, went on a coffee, walk around and just enjoy beauty of autumn in Slovenia!

So, this is just a little update, before last up-coming event next weekend, WC in Kranj! You can see, i am doing really well and am looking forward to write to you some news soon! ;)
Bye, mina