ponedeljek, 09. junij 2014

Training week in Swiss

It is almost a 'tradition', that at the beginning of June with team we go to training trip across different gyms in Swiss. Well, this year we also add a perfect outdoor relaxing rest-day at Voralpsee and I am looking forward to come back!
Together with our Swiss friend and host Urs ...
This time we went in smal group, just 4 climbers and 2 coaches, so everyone have perfect opportunity to get out most of it. And, I think we did! :)

Big thanks to Urs Stocker and Regula Furer for great hospitality and Slovenija climbing team to made this trip happened.

Well, I won't loose too much words, let pictures tell you more ...
Kletterhalle Gaswerk, Zurich
Magnet Kletterhalle, Bern
Kletterzentrum St.Gallen

We had also support our team-mates Jernej and Julija Kruder with crossing fingers for them and watch world cup bouldering in Vail.
All fotos from Sloveniaclimbingteam made by Roman Krajnik. More you can find on FB page here.

See you soon! ;)