ponedeljek, 22. julij 2013

WC Briancon - 2nd place

This year lead world cup stared quite late and it's first stage was last weekend in very nice small town – Briancon. It was first lead world cup in this year, so I was very excited to join it! :)
As you could maybe noticed from my previous posts, this time I really just wanted to enjoy, climb well and put everything else out of my head. Because I know, that trainings in last month(s) were good and that I am in good shape.

In qualifications I have topped both routes, although that I have still climbed quite stressed. But in semifinals there was another story. I really enjoy the route, climb as I know and finished on provisional 1st place on the way to the final. (ok, I still see, that I did some mistakes and stupid power-taking clipping(s), that caused me few more moves or even way to the top, but still - ok).
In finals, I have found route quite easier almost all the way to the top. But just a move before the top I had a bit of problems. On last two holds, just when I wanted to prepare for last last move and be sure, that I will made it, my left hand slip out of hold. Suprisingly, I caught on a hold backward and wanted to do the move again ... But, probably too much damage were made in psychological and physical conditions in that moment :) So, I just slipped out of the wall from last two holds again … :'(
Korean Ja-In Kim finished the route as only one and celebrated deserved victory - all congratulations! :) On podium and 3rd place also this time for young Helen Janicot.
By man there were interesting show to watch too - Ramon Julian Puigblanque and last year's WC's winner Sachi Amma. both climbed really nice, almost all the way to the top, but this time Ramon showed a bit more.
All (and more) foto: Slovenija climbing team
It was also pleasure to watch young Slovenian climber Domen Škofic made it into finals and finish on really good 4th place! and one of best Slovenian man's lead results on WC's ever!

Now, there will be a bit more than a week long break from comps.
Little time for relax and do some nice trainings at home :)
But, already on 1st of August I am going to next destination – World games in Cali (columbina)

See you there! ;)

petek, 19. julij 2013

No expectations, just climb ...

Forget everything else and just climb. Enjoy pleasure of climbing and every single move all the way to the top. That is all what I want for today and tomorrow. Nothnig else ...

Wish me luck and see you soon! :)

European championship in Chamonix

Championships are definitely special kind of competitions. Not just because they are placed every second year, (or third as this one), but also, because there is only one chance. No place for mistakes, no chance for second go. You need to be than and there ready to do your best :). And that is the beauty and charm of championships.

This time, (thinking backward), I have maybe made too much expectations from myself in my mind. I knew and believed, that I have made really good training, everything went so well and I expected from myself only one and the best. But – maybe it was not the best kind of decision...

I still topped both qualification routes. And also semifinals. Overall, 2nd place and silver medal on European champion is very good and nice achievement! Anyway my best from championships :). But looking trough the climbing and inner satisfaction, for me it is one of those competitions, that leaves you kind of empty. There is still a bitter felling, that in finals I finished quite too soon. Not tired or pumped and without a fight as I wanted to be... But, I think I am not the only one, who finished final round quite too soon.

By girls, first place went to Dinara Fahratdinova, who definitely showed great climb and all congratulations to her! Also congratulations to Helen Janicot for 3rd and team mate Maja Vdmar for 4th place ...

Talking about Championships, this one is over and there will be next one and new opportunity in two years... But for climbing, and climb for myself, there will be other chances. Already today, tomorrow and day after. And when it comes to competitions, already in Briancon next weekend, where lead World cup circuit of 2013 will start.

See you there! :)

Thanks everyone for support and following.
There will be more news soon, so stay tuned ...

torek, 16. julij 2013

2nd place on European Championship in Chamonix

....more my thoughts are comming soon...
For now, just few pictures for first impression
opening ceremony...

 first day - man's qualifications and some rest for us :)
 Qualifcations and semi-finals ...
 Finals... presentation
... climbing ...
and podium...
all foto by: Stanko Gruden
....for more pictures and info visit: Slovenija climbign team...

torek, 02. julij 2013

Climbing in Mitterdorf no.2

It is not really long ago, that we have spend there 2 really good and nice climbing days, but this weekend we came again.
(foto: Roman Krjanik)
And not just for me, but I am quite sure that for all of Slovenia climbing team, it almost feels like our 2nd home (or at least we wish it does!). On big wall there is always enough new, interesting and hard stuff to do. So, it is no wonder, that I am always happy and looking forward to be there! :)
(foto: Roman Krjanik)
But no matter of what, how much, hard or log I climb there, it almost always leaves me with kind of 'strange' but good feeling, that I want more. Well, maybe that's just in case if you're obsessed like me :)
See you next time!