petek, 21. december 2012

3rd place on Slovenian national sport awards - best sportsman/woman of year 2012

At end of the year, as it is habit in many countries, also in Slovenia they are choosing best athletes of past year. Although that climbing is not an Olympic sport and it was an Olympic year and many Slovenian's took really good results, i finished on 3rd place by women. I would also like to mention, that this award means really a lot to me! It is another and one more confirmation of really good results in past years and also very nice confirmation of growing recognize of sport climbing.   
Foto: Stanko Gruden
First place went to Slovenian Olympic gold medal winner Urška Žolnir and this year amazing skier Tina Maze. Big congratulations and respect to both! 

At this point i would also like to thank to all, who were anyhow help me on this way and are in anyway involved in this success. To all, with who i had worked or still work with, family and boyfriend who are always there from me and for sure, team with which we spent lots of fun and quality time together - SCT (Slovenia climbing team). And sure, very specially to my coach, Roman Krajnik. Thanks to all! :)
 Foto: Stanko Gruden 
Well i have to admit, that i have enjoy yesterday's evening and being in little different role than i am used to. But, i am also looking forward to find myself on the wall soon! :)

torek, 18. december 2012

Studgart - opening of Climbmax climbing center

So, we also used our trip to Germany to visit new climbing gym in Stuttgart
Foto: Simon Margon
All I can say is, that center is impressive! Boulder area is really bright and open, and on 1200m2 offers climbing on all kinds of verticals, slabs, edges and overhans... Big climbing wall in also really nice and 3D designed and even that wall is not so extremly heihgt (about 14m) it offers good climbing! This time our visit to gym was more relaxed and easy going, so can't wait to come back for some 'real' training soon! :)
On opening evening there was an interesting contest of speed -simultynious climbing and have to admit,  i had really good time and fun!

If you missed it, you can see some impressions here...

petek, 14. december 2012

Adidas Outdoor

Short trip with Slovenia climbing team at the end of the year ...
As you probably know, this year Slovenia climbing team started to cooperate with Adidas outdoor. And because year is coming till end and december is time for things like this, we accepted special invitation from company, to meet each other in personal, discuss about plans and so on ... I have to say, that i was impressed and glad that we had the opportunity to visit place, where everything is coming from (small village Herzogenaurach in Geremany).
At the end, because it is december and we were good all year there were also some 'gifts under Christmas tree' waiting for us :) …

More photos, updates and news are comming in next days ...

ponedeljek, 10. december 2012

Interviews on TV Slovenia and Sport TV...

It is true, that training and competition schulde is way more relaxed than it was last few months, but it doesn't mean that i have less stuff to do... So, you can enjoy my last two interviews ;)

1. TV Slovenia - 'Good morning' show (40:00) (5.12.2012)

2. Sport TV - 'Time-out' (9.12.2012)

In next days it is comming up some more interesting things to do... So, i hope i will find time to blog and report some interesting things soon!

ponedeljek, 03. december 2012

Weekend full of climbing happening – PDK 2120

As every year also this season's laste competiton event (for me) are so called 'climbing days of Kranj', where for 3 days sport hall of  'Zlato Polje' (place of WC 2 weeks ago) literally change into climbing oaza with all day happening and national competition for all categories.

It is also very nice, that young and absolute category have some competitons at same time. And it is really nice to see all those young climbers and also that they can see and come to us :). So, because after world cup i did not have much time to all those, who maybe wanted to come in touch with me, i get on opportunity to make it better this time...

About competition., i really like this one, because evrything is maybe little more relaxed and fun. But still, I have to say, that i had preapare and foucused onced again for the last event(s) of this year. I was very happy to finish already very good lead seasion by top in qulif. and finals! By bouldering climbing wasn't so perfect, but still good enought for very nice finish of year.

So now, competitions for this year are really come till end. Now and will take some deserved rest, but still, be sure, that climbing (or at least it's company) will stay in my everyday's happening!  

Bye, mina