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WC inBriancon -not really a good weekend ...

Last year the storm blown away the finals, this year an injury did it for me :(...

Well, as you can read from previous posts, I was really looking firward to this comp. I loved the current shape and fact, that there are plenty of comp at this period followed one after another.
All foto: Roman Krajnik
So after just two days at home, with a little time to sort out all the obligations and do some training, i was really excited for next challange to start! :)
Qualifications started pretty early and in front of us was kind of hot and pretty long day. How long and tuff it is going to be, at that momment, i din't know jet. Sure, i even couldn't  imagine and expect it. I have clipped the top in one qualifixations route and fighted against the heat almost to top in 2nd one. I felt really good and were excited for semifinals to start... BUT, during the warming up i felt. Not a lot, just a bit. But probbably not even 30cm was enought, that i landed hard and badly on the mats and felt a pain my ankle :(. Fist I thought and hoped, i get just scared and stressed out, because teammate Domen Skofic just twisted his ankle on last training before we went on a comp. And i didn't want to believe this can be this again. I went back to isolation, get some help and support by organizer's doctor and later continued with warming up. All seemed pretty good, but soon it showed up, it wasn't. Ankle got swollen, but i could move it and used it. I could put on climbing shoes and even if it wasn't perfect i decied that i will try and climb. And maybe tomorrow it will be all good, I thought. I have climbed very reserved and precised in demifinals, used almost one foot only, but it was still more than enought for finals (and even provisional 2nd place). After comp, i really didn't felt well and just wanted to go home and sleep... and hope that tomorrow evetythi6ng is going to be better.

Unfortunatley, my wish does not come true and morning didn't bring nothing good. I have spend the midday by the doctors, x-rays and fiziotherapist, but even that he tried with all his best it was not a lot to do.
On this point, i would really like to give a big THNKS to everyone, who stand  this day at my side, were there for me and hoping for best.
But, unfortunatley, i couldn't do a lot, and couldn't imagine to climb in circumstnces like this. I had to cancel the final performance and watch it from the public. I admit, it was not easy at all. But still, i would like to congrats JaIn Kim, Jessica Pilz ad Anak Verhieven to took a place on the podium and Gautier Supper for his first victory infront of his home crowd. Well done! ;)

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