sobota, 27. april 2013

WC Kitzbuehel

After visit on adidas headquarters, week of training with team in Germany it was time for our next stop – boulder WC in Kitzbuehel!
Jure Bečan in semifinal
It looks like training here wasn't just super cool and fun but also effective. Our guys showed super strong performance and after first day, they were 'all in' into semifinals (more about this at Kleme Bečan's blog).
slab, slab, slab ...
For me, this time I think I have started to 'feel' boulders little more, did 4 of them in qualifications, 3 in semifinals and 2 in final. Well, even in other 2 boulder last hold was really close, but this time unfortunately still too far :(. But, I know and hope for next time, that I will just trust myself little bit more and 'go and stuck' on the hold also in situations like this! :)
Congratulations to all girls on podium, Anna, Akiyo and Alex, who managed to flash or do all the final problems! :)
Stcuk on final hold :)
It was also really nice to be 2 of Slovenians in finals, this time it was Jerjen Kruder.
Jernej Kruder in final
Foto: Slovenija climbing team
For more pictures and updates click here and see you in two weeks in Log-Dragomer! ;)

sreda, 24. april 2013

Training in Germany

After visit on adidas in Herzogenaurach part of our team staid in Germany.
Our team in Boulderwelt
To be there and enjoy every day on all those crazy good and nice and gyms, walls and boudlers, I have to thank to Slovenija climbing team.
we've been climbing and had a good time
So, in past days we had oportunity to climb at different climbing gyms in Germay -

Boulderwelt in Regensburg

 Flying Klemen

For more pictures and updates you are invited to visit and follow us on Slovenija climbing team profile on FB.

Tomorrow we are moving to our next stop – bouldering WC in Kitzbuehel.
So cross your fingers for me and team mates on Friday and Saturday!

Bye, mina ;)

Visit to adidas

New competition year has started and our team received once again, very nice invitation to visit adidas company!
company introducing tour
They have prepared us nice program. First, we listen an interesting presentation of company history and future vision. Than they introduced us new team clothes for coming year and prepared full bag of brand new clothes and shoes for each one of us!!! :D
little photshooting with new stuff ...
After all, we had little quiz and because I have been listen very carefully I won totally new and very nice sunglasses :)
'Goody bag' :D

torek, 16. april 2013

Climbing wall in Sežana

Maybe some of you have already noticed, but for all rest, it is true - in Slovenia we have got new climbing wall. It is placed in small town Sežana near coast, just about 15minutes from Mišja peč/Osp, so it is also very nice solution for those, who are maybe sometimes willing to climb outdoor, but weather just isn't good enough. So, perfect for indoor training, winter or also (too) hot summer days, because place is also well air conditioned :). 
... main climbing wall ...
On approximately 300m2 of climbing walls place is offering good climbing conditions for all. Main boulder wall is about 5m height and with different types of overhangs, edges and slabs suitable for for recreation, training and as well high-level climbing. But, there is also a place with wall, more suitable for children, beginners and warming-up.
Children wall under construciton ...
So, for all who are curious about it, you are nicely invited to visit it on THIS location, currently every day from 17.00 - 22.00. 
First new local climbers! :)
More information about it you can find here (under construction) or follow up-date happening on their FB profile of 'Plus climbing'.
Hope to see you there! :D
Bye, mina