torek, 08. januar 2013

New year's climbing on ... Sicily!

After some rest and holidays spend with family i took a trip to some climbing destination during new year.

This time I really didn't climb my 'life project', but i have enjoy the rocks, nature and nice company. And, what i think is most important, i had really a lot of fun, but have also collect some new strength and am sure, made very good 'base' for coming trainings! And i admit i am really motivated for new season and just can't wait to start with all stuff waiting for me this year! :)

Just to add something more about Sicily, for all who had not been on this place yet - i really recommend it! It is very nice, sunny and good climbing spot, which offers you lots of challenges and have even more potential to made up some hard stuff! For my opinion it is specially nice for family trip or climbing camp. Range of (quality) routes selection is quite wide, rock really good, walking to crux minimal and all around environment worth to make a trip!

And also to all followers, (with little delay, but still from heart) - I wish you really happy, healthy, successful and good climbing year 2013!