sreda, 26. junij 2013

Not just climbing

Although that last days (weeks) I have been 120% focused on (and just) climbing and everything else hardly come into my my mind, I took some time for some different event. And I am glad I did!
As a member of sport unit of Slovenian armed forces I got an invitation an honor to give awards to most successful students on knowledge, sport and cultural competitions on one of Slovenia's high school - 'Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer'. I also give them some inspiring words and advices for continuing their successes and life path.
For me it was different and totally new position, but I admit it was interesting and also very nice experience.
I would like to congratulate once more to all those students and thanks for invitation and very nice day to Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer.
all photos and more: GFM Ljutomer

ponedeljek, 17. junij 2013

National championship in Šmartno

Just after a day of rest since returning form training in Swiss, I alreday got the first opportunity to see, what we did in last week. :)

This weekend we have fist national lead event. It took a place in small town - Šmartno pri Litiji.
foto (and more results) :
Routes were nice and interesting and I was happy to start lead part of the year with top and 1st place.

Congradulations also to Maja Vidmar and Tina Šušteršič for 2nd and 3rd place. 

petek, 14. junij 2013

Swiss ... And we came again!

It is already 3rd year in a row that Slovenija climbing team decided to do about a week of climbing 'camp' on different indoor gyms around Zurich. And every year I like to come back again and again! I thnik i don't need to metion, how excited and happy I was to climb every day in new center and do all those interesting, hard, long and different kind of routes! J
On this place I would also like to make a BIG thanks to Urs Stocker and Regula Furer for very nice hostage and to all climbing gyms we have visited (Kletterzentrum Gaswerk, Magnet in Bern, Kletterzentrum St.Gallen and Kletterhalle Imst).

It was pleasure to climb all day and come back in the afternoon kind of tired, but full of new enery to start again next day! But, at the end, I was sad that week has passed out so quick and we had to pack and go home...
all foto: Roman Krajnik
more forots - HERE, HERE and HERE
See you next year!

Climbing in Mitterdorf

With part of our Slovenija climbing team we have decided to do a short two-day climbing trip to very nice and big climbing center in Austria near Graz/Wienna.

Routes there are not just long, but you can find also some hard(er) pieces, that are really nice, interesting and good for training.

It's been quite a while since I have climb on big wall. Now I found it so interesting, that even just after finishing quite looong and hard route I had to go imidiately back on the wall and start again!!! :)
(ok, and also a little bit becasue my coach said so, but definetly it was hard to get me out of the wall because I enjoyed it SO much!).

No Toronto? No Vail?

Yes. If you have been searching for me on start or reults-list of those two bouldering competitions, you couldn't found me, because i wasn't there. I have decided to skip those events alredy earlier in this year, so decision were not spontanious or made in last minute. It was definetly not easy to accept, specially because i have good memorries on last bouldering comp in Canada and also likes very much coming back every year to Vail.

So, I have decded to stay at home and use this time for training and preparation on all events coming up in lead part of the year. Plan will be quite intensive again (but i am sure also very fun) - starting with Europeanchampionship in Chamonix on 11th-13th of June and following with many WC's, worldgames in Columbia, masters and WC's againJ.

In comming month(s) I will be climbing on my usual boulder wall at Skofja Loka and also many different places around Eurpe (mostly Austria and Swiss), alone or with other team mates.

So, stay tuned and read news J