sobota, 14. februar 2015

Talking about climbing ..

At the beginning of monuth I have been guest of two talk shows/interviews about climbing, life of an athlete, my view of climbing, achievements, ...

For both those events, I would like to thank for invitations to KŠK (klub študentov kranj) and PD Domžale (together with library Domžale).
Unfortunately, the events are already passed, but for all who missed it, couldn't come or just didn't know about it, it is still a chance to see it. About the content of the talk you can read here on this blog and here is a very nice link to the filmed version on you tube (unfortunately just in slovenian). Thanks to Borut Peršolja, the organizer and invitator of 'Gorniški vrčer Domžale' for this nice evening and memmories!

Training in January

I know I didn't post for quite a while, but it doesn't mean nothing was happening.
New aditional boulder wall in our national gym 'Verd' :D
Well, it is true, that after the competition season there are less things and events to write about. But still, it doesn't mean that there is less climbing.  It is even more! :) For all, who had been maybe wondering a bit, what I am doing at the moment I can give you a simple answer - training!

Sometimes alone with coach, sometimes together with other team members. With positive energy, good people, quality training and wall(s). I think this year we really found a perfect balance and the way to work! And it is pleasure to come back on training(s) every day! What it will brings, we will see. But I believe, it could be something good for all of us! :)

What I would also like to add and give thanks about at this place is, a great new additional boulder in our national gym. So, thanks to adidas outdoor and all volunteers (coaches) to put it together for us! :)

Till next time, have fun and climb strong! ;)
bye, mina