nedelja, 19. maj 2013

Bouldering in Innsbruck

Well, said with one word, it was not the way I wanted to ...
After Log I was really excited for new comp and challenge coming up soon.
Qualifications went ok. Ok, I still did some stupid attempts, but overall it wasn't so bad. So, I knew I can focus for next round better and try my best! But, next day in semifinals unfortunately I didn't do this... After flash of 1st problem and top of 2nd one I did some more tries in next two, which I did not topped. Even that by the result it looks like I was more than far away from finals, I would say, I showed pretty much in both boulders, no.3 and also no.4, but in both still not enough to see the top, which leaded to next round.

Final boulders looked really nice and I would just love to climb them...
All foto: Roman Krajnik
What I also regret a bit is, that it was one of the last bouldering events this year for me and that at the moment I felt really good on bouldering but/and did not showed it this way...

ponedeljek, 13. maj 2013

Competeing at home - 5th place on WC Log-Dragomer

Year has already come around and it was time for home competition, bouldering WC in Log-Dragomer.
As every year here, Jacky Godoff and Slovenian route setting team did really good job with all kind of different, interesting, hard, easy, technique and overall really enjoyable boulders! :D
During qualifications and semifinals I have climbed well, didn't do mistakes and flashed almost all problems.

Final round was also very interesting and nice to climb, with boulders of all kinds and types (dynamic, crimp, slab,...). I have enjoyed climbing, tried my best, but at the end did 2 mistakes (1 too much for podium) and finished on 5th place. Don't get me wrong, I still think I have climbed well and that I am on the 'right' way! :)
Finish results were also quite tense this time. Won went again to Anna Stohr, 2nd place to Melissa LeNeve (both with 3 tops in 6 tries) and 3rd to Shauna Coxsey with 2 tops (more here).
Finish results were also quite tense this time. Won went again to Anna Stohr, 2nd place to Melissa LeNeve (both with 3 tops in 6 tries) and 3rd to Shuana Coxey with 2 tops (more here).

Competition calendar at this part of year is quite hard, but I just love this. So, see you in 4 days on WC in Innsbruck or on! ;)
I have really enjoyed atmosphere and competing on this comp!
Thanks again to everyone who came to visit and support on this comp. Hope to see you next year! :)
All foto: Luka Fonda

ponedeljek, 06. maj 2013

Boulder contest in Prestranek (Slovenia)

This weeken we had an interesting, almost 'all day long' boulder contest on pretty new wall in Prestranek. And... It was really cool! :D

Qualifications were kind of open format with 20 boulders and 2,5 hour to climb. Bouth, men and women had same problems to do. For me, it was quite (too) hard to finish them all, but at the end I found myself on 11 tops.
neon lighted night finals
Finals were placed later in evening, with special night athmosphere, neon lights and holds and also little different rules that we are used to. There were 6 finalists in each category. First we had 3 boudlers with 3 tries per each. Best 3 climbers after this part countinued to 'high ball' boulder with unlimited trys. It was just matter, who will finish it first.
Domen Škofic - only one to finish all 3 boulders before last 'challange'
By women, unfortunately non of us managed to touch the top :(. But, based on qualifications, 3 boudlers and highest point of this 'challange' I was placed 1st. 2nd and 3rd places went to two young and really good girls - Janaja Garnbret and Julija Kruder.
'high ball' boulder
By guys, Jerner Kruder did better job and showed the way to top! :)
Jernej Kruder on top :)
For more photos click here (Foto: Stanko Gruden).