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European championship tite and win on 1stWC stagn Chamonix! :D

Well, it seems my feeling and thoughts were not wrong. Before the comp, I knew, i've trained pretty well and felt like physically i am in really good shape.
Al foto: Luka Fonda
But, since last comps has passed pretty much time and every year and comp is a new story. you never know what new  season will bring ... But, ohnestly, i really didn't bother my head too much with those thoughts. I just really really wanted to climb in the way that i believed that i am able to, no matter of the result. Because I know, that I did what i could in preparation time and if i bring this up on wall, i will be satisfied. No matter of what this will mean at the end.
During the comp, regarding maybe also to this aproach and belief in good training, i was kind of more relaxed than previous years. Qualifications started well. I've toped out first route and finished hold before top in 2nd one, due the mistke of choosing wrong foothold sequences. Also in semifinals in clipped the top, among the other 3 girls. I felt pretty good on the routes, holds seems all good and pump was something i didn't really noticed on the way up.  Good feeling to enter the final! :)
Final route was kind a different to me, with very technical part and cosequence of heelhooks in firts half, followed by some crimps and kind of a bouldery/technical climb out at the finish. On observation, it looked very inteesting and nice. I admit, I was little concerned about the start, but i believed, when/if i reach the second part, i will be ok. And yes, it seems somehow exactly like this was later my actuall performance.
Climbing in Chamonix, especially at late night finals in front of huge public and on a great routes is always something special. Atmosphere there is really intense and you can hear crowd cheering and supportong a lot. I admit, i heard cowd cheering loud, when joung and very stong Slovenian teammate Janja Garnbret climbed before me. I knew, she definitely just did something great, what she is really able to do, but could just guess what this could be... It may stressed me out a bit, but suddenly when i arrived under the wall, i have erased all those thoughts and had just a route and my plan in front of me. I have enjoy the way up to the top and clipping the final chain felt really well. But in the same time it gave me strong feeling, that we will see another top. But still, i was kind of calmed, because i know,that i finals i did what i could. And, that I have won Europeanchampion title, first for me, fisfifirst for Slovenia. And feeling was even better to have a strong teammate company at my side!

At the end, it showed up, that the Europeanchampionship title was also an victory on 1st World Cup stage in Chamonix! :)

Well, i have to say, that at the momment i am felling really good and am satisfied with current shape and glad about all preparation done in winter and spring time. And sure, that i just can't wait for next comps and WC stages - next one just in few days in Briancon and 10days later in Imst.

Can't wait, wish me luck! ;)

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