torek, 30. oktober 2012

Perfect end of Asia tour - 1st place on WC Inzai! :)

So, we ended our 'Asia competition tour' with last stop in a small city near Tokio, Inzai. As usual for competitions here, everything was really nice organized, and even that wall wasn't so impressive and big as somewhere else. I think route setters did a really nice and interesting job! (ok, this does not include men’s final...)
This time, when i finished the final route i was quite sure the previous rounds will decide about the podium again. Ok, but this time, i admit, i really climbed badly in qualifications and especially semifinals. I still don't have a clear idea of what actually happened there...

But, the important thing is, in finals (again), i focused and climbed how i believed i am able and prepared right now – well! :)
This time maybe luck was a little bit on my side. After 3 times in a row finishing on 2nd place based on climbing in qualifications or semifinals, it turned out that only i finished the route ... Jain Kim also almost did it too, but fell from the top, although she almost held it, but didn't resist the swing. Maja Vidmar also completed this nice podium with a great climb!
Also as a team, Slovenia took 2nd place! :)

So, now we're going home and there will be a little break till last WC stage in my home country - Kranj, Slovenia, and i am already looking forward for this nice and classic event! :) Till than, i will have some nice and precious time to rest and prepare myself for this last event.
For WC 2012 overall (lead) everything is still open. So it will be judged in Kranj, who will take the 'crown' of the lead WC 2012. With men it will be 'battle' between Ramon and Annma and with girls me and Jain will compare our strength!

Stay tuned and see you in Kranj! :)

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