ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2012

2nd Again :)

New competition, new top and poduim :).

Well, we are already well acclimatized in China, atmosphere here in Xining (Quinghai planetau - 2500m) is different, but nice, weather continental, with cold mornings/evenings and nice sunny days, actually good conditions for climbing.

Ok, now something about the competition. I have to say, that I was satisfied with my performance, especially in qualifications and final. About the semifinals, I can't really say that. My not so good result was also due to the strange route crux, which was fatal for many girls, also for me. But, it was enought for finals! :)
And there was again different story. Route looked nice and climbable, but I didn't want to underestimate it. I have started to climb and everything went smooth and easy. With every move reaching the top seemed more realistic. Finnaly I have clipped the top chain, but about 20 seconds too late for winning. WHY? Me and Johanna both topped out final route, and were also judged at the same height in semifinals. So due to the new rule, if two (or more) climbers are at the same point in all rounds, at the end, time is the judge. Ok, that's the way it is, I am still very happy that I did the route!!! :). 

PS: And even, if I would know about Johanna's top, I probably wouldn't be climbing (much) faster, becase you still needed to finish this route and obviously it still wasn't so easy (if it was, there would probably be more than 2 tops, right?). I think also neither of us climbed really slowly, actually 6:09 or 6:27 seems very reasonabble climbing time for a route this long.

But, what bothers me more is fact, that already for the 3rd time this year, I have climbed finals good enought to win, but finished 2nd or 4th, because of a mistake or lower heihgt in semifinals :S … Yes, it just got me thinking a bit to do something about it! But I think already in cmming day I will have more than one perfect chance to try to change this :).

Our next stop after Xinning will be master in Wujiang, Jiangsu city in China.
Stay tuned and I will update ;)!

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