ponedeljek, 12. november 2012

Settle down at home :)

Usually i am writing and reporting from competitions, events and places far away, but this time, being at home and do basics things, feels like something special! :)

After all year of travelling and competing around, (what is anyway big satisfaction and pleasure to me), currently i am really happy to be at home. After Asia, i took some time for myself, enjoy life, climbing and company here! :) I also have time to train and climbing again at 'home' gym and after all this time it is funny and fells really good! Well, i also took some time to met friends, went on a coffee, walk around and just enjoy beauty of autumn in Slovenia!

So, this is just a little update, before last up-coming event next weekend, WC in Kranj! You can see, i am doing really well and am looking forward to write to you some news soon! ;)
Bye, mina

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