torek, 23. oktober 2012

2nd place on WC Mokpo, Korea

Another very successful competition and a great result!

Foto: Heiko Wilhelm

So, our last stop on this 'Asia competition tour' was in Mokpo, nice city, close to the sea in Korea. It was again everything really well organized*, the climbing wall was amazing and I also really liked (hard) routes there.

As I have already mentioned, this time we have had quite hard routes already from the beginning (qualifications), so there were not lot of tops seen in this competition. But I think it is just ok, because everyone got a solid chance to climb, fight and show her/his best! For me, this time, especially at the start, the routes were a little harder. Not just because of the grades, but I have also fought with some health problems. But with every route I felt better, stronger and I think it was also possible to see this in climbing. The second day I finished semifinals almost at the top and in finals again, climbed high enough to win, but based on previous rounds took a silver medal. I'm sorry that there is no height „-“ anymore, which would have brought me gold this time. But, don't get me wrong I am still really satisfied with my climbing in finals and also think that every podium on the world cup competition is a great achievement! And, I think that the most important thing of all of this  is, that I got a confirmation, that I am really well prepared, able to climb really good and … every time closer :)

This time, win went to Korea's climber Jain Kim, who showed really nice and good climbing and to Dinara Fahratdinova (3rd place), who took her first medal – congratulations to both!

So, in those days we have already moved to Japan, where it will be 3rd (and last) WC competition of this 'tour'. Currently we are placed somewhere in suburb of Tokyo, climbing, chilling and having fun untill next competition!

See you soon! (or on
Bye, mina

*except warming up-zone, but this is another story...

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