četrtek, 11. oktober 2012

WC Atlanta - 2nd place and back in the game :)

So, just after a few days after Puurs we have already been in Atlanta for next lead cometition. Qualifications routes were this time maybe little easier but more tehnical, what suited me and brought me 2 tops. The next day in ½ final I did a mistake, but corrected it very good in the longest (but still very nice) final route, that I have never climbed. Based on ½ final results, where I did the mistake, I finished on second place, but was very happy to be on the podium again. Congratulations also to my  teammate Maja for the new podium and of course to Jain Kim for winning this event.

If you have missed 24/7tv live broadcast you can also watch the video from the competion ...

Next time, you will hear from me from Asia, where we are going to 4 competitions – (12.-13.10. Xining (Chn), 16.-17.10. Pudong master (Chn), 20.-21.10. Mogkpo (Kor) and 27.-28.10. Inzai (Jpn).
I am already very excited! See you! ;)

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