četrtek, 11. oktober 2012

ASIA TOUR --- and the youreny has begun :)

When I saw the competition schedule for 2012 and realize that it is going to be 3 chain lead competitions in Asia, I just blinked. I realized, that it is going to be one of the longest competition tour that I have ever done and I got really excited. First of all, just for info, i really like Asia. No joke. All the places where i have been till now – lots of different areas in China, Singaup, Malayzia, Korea and Japan, they all fascinate me and I am always looking forward to come back.
So, after returning from Atlanta I have been home for a good week, nothing more. In this time I have rested, trained and tried to keep good care of myself and stay healthy as much as possible :)

I will update as much as I can, I am looking forward to writing something soon and have some good news! ;)

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