nedelja, 05. april 2015

Vist at adidas headquarters and Cafe Kraft

It has been quite a while since my and also team visit at adidas headquartes. I had really good memmories to last times spend there and also this time I didn't get wrong when I excpeted it is going to be great! :)

After really nice welcome, we had some workshops, team photoshooting, meetings and sure - gym and climbing sessions. So, all good stuff together packed up into two exciting days, with lots of new informations and goods :).
foto: Roman Krajnik
It was also great to visit Cafe Kraft and recieved all value tips, 'tricks' and advices from Dicki and Patrick, who definitely know what they are doing. Sure, because it would be too much to remember them all in just a session or two, we got a nice present to remeber those excercises at home (book Gimme Kraft ;) .
foto: Roman Krajnik

Well, summed up, they were great two days spend with adidasoutdoor!
foto: Roman Krajnik

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