ponedeljek, 20. julij 2015

in FINAL on bouldering European championship in Innsbruck - 6th place! :)

Well, this poste is for quitea lot backward, but i still feel like i need to tell something about this event.
Firts of all, maybe you've missed me on some bouldeing WC's this year, but it was a decision, made already at the end of the last year. I decided that I would like to put all attention in preparation to lead season and  based on a provisional scheulde and locations of wc's worldwide, choose to attend one of the biggest evenst's - an boulderin Europeanchampionship in Innsbruck.
all fotos by: Luka Fonda
There, I really just wanted to climb well and at the end were really happy that i could climb in the final among other best 6 girls. Maybe my climb on that comp was really not perfect, but somehoew it was still pretty good. Despite of an input attended to bouldering this spring (almost zero to nothing), it was actually pretty good :).And, even more, we all know how it is in bouldering and that it could be a little 'gamble' from time to time, even podim was not far away...
This comp was just enought and a good marker to me, that i did a pretty good power base for up-comming endurance training and lead season and that if i countinue that way, it can be fun this year! :)

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