ponedeljek, 23. marec 2015

a little bite of rock climbing :)

In between training there come a time for a little break from plastics and time for some of rock climbing. Unfortunately, by weather and routes like this, not really long enough. :(
As you maybe noticed (on Slovenia climbing team fb profile), part of the team took a trip to Font, but another one, more lead oriented staid at home and moved to a weekend on Slovenian coast to Mišja peč/Osp.

Focus and plan wasn't to realize nothing hard (even, that I feel quite ready to:), but to climb as much as possible, enjoy and get a bit of different break between training.
So, I've climbed plenty of routes about 8a, 8b and so on... some of them I visited for first time, some reclimbed and with some just closed up 'unfinished business' from last years.

It was a good weekend spend on Mišja peč/Osp classics, which I definitly reccomend to you ;)

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