torek, 24. september 2013

'Time out' weekend and 2nd place on WC in Puurs

Year has come across and there was time for WC in Puurs again.
Puurs is a special and traditional WC competition, with magnificent wall and very nice organization. So, it is no wonder, that I am always looking forward to come back and compete here ... And, I still had some special 'goal' here with this wall (I have not won here yet) ...
So, something more about competition. This one will definitely staid in my memory by one word – 'time out'. I usually never left out of time. Never. 6 minutes in the quails and 8 in semifinals and finals seems always pretty enough to finish the route. And, actually they are. Yes, as long as you don't start to rest on every better hold, because it just feels so good (like I did in 1st qualification route) or do some longer stops and searching for solution to do the route (as I did in final).
In final I have finished 2nd. I have topped the route, but ran out of 8 minutes time limit, before I have clipped the top, so my official height was few holds lower. I admit, that this climb was quite far of what I believe I am able to put together at the moment. This time, won went to JaIn Kim, who showed really nice and smooth performance all the way to the top. Congradulations! :)
At the moment I am spending few days at home – chilling, training and preparing for next comp. And it just feels so nice! :)
My next stop will be already next weekend in Perm (Russia). I am already looking forward to start the next comp and challenge there!

So, stay tuned and cross fingers for me on 28th and 29th of September. Starting with qualifications at 9.30 (GTM +5). More info here (or on IFCS) ...

Bye, mina

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