torek, 02. julij 2013

Climbing in Mitterdorf no.2

It is not really long ago, that we have spend there 2 really good and nice climbing days, but this weekend we came again.
(foto: Roman Krjanik)
And not just for me, but I am quite sure that for all of Slovenia climbing team, it almost feels like our 2nd home (or at least we wish it does!). On big wall there is always enough new, interesting and hard stuff to do. So, it is no wonder, that I am always happy and looking forward to be there! :)
(foto: Roman Krjanik)
But no matter of what, how much, hard or log I climb there, it almost always leaves me with kind of 'strange' but good feeling, that I want more. Well, maybe that's just in case if you're obsessed like me :)
See you next time!

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