sreda, 26. junij 2013

Not just climbing

Although that last days (weeks) I have been 120% focused on (and just) climbing and everything else hardly come into my my mind, I took some time for some different event. And I am glad I did!
As a member of sport unit of Slovenian armed forces I got an invitation an honor to give awards to most successful students on knowledge, sport and cultural competitions on one of Slovenia's high school - 'Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer'. I also give them some inspiring words and advices for continuing their successes and life path.
For me it was different and totally new position, but I admit it was interesting and also very nice experience.
I would like to congratulate once more to all those students and thanks for invitation and very nice day to Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer.
all photos and more: GFM Ljutomer

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