petek, 14. junij 2013

Swiss ... And we came again!

It is already 3rd year in a row that Slovenija climbing team decided to do about a week of climbing 'camp' on different indoor gyms around Zurich. And every year I like to come back again and again! I thnik i don't need to metion, how excited and happy I was to climb every day in new center and do all those interesting, hard, long and different kind of routes! J
On this place I would also like to make a BIG thanks to Urs Stocker and Regula Furer for very nice hostage and to all climbing gyms we have visited (Kletterzentrum Gaswerk, Magnet in Bern, Kletterzentrum St.Gallen and Kletterhalle Imst).

It was pleasure to climb all day and come back in the afternoon kind of tired, but full of new enery to start again next day! But, at the end, I was sad that week has passed out so quick and we had to pack and go home...
all foto: Roman Krajnik
more forots - HERE, HERE and HERE
See you next year!

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