torek, 14. oktober 2014

Lucky Korea

The first step of our journey is now behind us. I just loved it from the moment I arrived to Korea, took a long bus from Inchon to Mokpo, settled down at International football training center and went on to the comp the next day. Everything felt so good and nostalgic, filling me with good memories from the previous year(s). 
I couldn't wait for qualifications to start. I did the first route and fell in second, going to the top. But, even though I didn't top out both routes, I was happy about  how good I felt on the wall.
Next day, in semifinal, I climbed the highest, but ran out of the time. That was a mistake,that almost never happens to me. But, it was good go for the final.

Routes this time were very interesting, quite a bit different than usual. Wall was coverd nicely with many volumens and trought the route you  had to 'work' something  all the time, swing  your feet from left to right, cross, match, help, bump one more, ... Definitely very good work by routesetters and fun stuff to climb! :)
The final route looked pretty hard, but nice. It turned out that the beginning was truly a bit tricky and harder, but the higher you were, more fluid it become. I climbed well all the way up to the top, but (again!) fell from the last hold. I touched the ground with really mixed feelings, satisfied with my climbing, but pretty angry and regretting that I couldn't finish this nice line. Well, I sat on the 'leader chair' and waited till the end of the comp... After a mistake made by JaIn Kim, I took the gold.
What is even more important to me is that I had enjoyed every single route and moment on this comp. And this is the feeling that I want to keep for the next events.

Also big congratulations go to young teammate Domen Škofic, who got his first silver medal and is already second this year!
All foto: Roman Krajnik
In next days, we will stay with other teams in Seoul and I am sure we will have a good time training, sightseeing and spending time together till our next stop in Wujiang (China).

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