sreda, 08. oktober 2014

3, 2, 1 ... Asia! :)

Before going to Asia, I took about two weeks (international) competition break and time to rest and preapre for next 3 lead world cup steps.

Comming home from last of 4 stages rush of championship, masters and other comps, I admit, what is not often, I felt a bit tired. Not physically, but overloaded with all the fellings, emotions and impressions collected during the last month. *
*There was Munich bouldering worldchampionship, when I missed the final for 1 attempt, falling from top in flash try. I countinued way with some training in Innsbruck, went straight to Arco rockmaster, almost won it (finishing 2nd), climbed well on most important comp of the year - lead worldchampionship in Gijon, get silver and bronze around my neck and just a werk later did the best bouldering master ever, finishing 2nd at adidas rockstars ...

Luckly, all very positive emotions, so I have nothing to complain about! :)
Foto: Roman Krajnik

After this, a few days team trip of rock climbing in Swiss and days spent outdoor were more than welcome. I was very excited about the idea and it turned out, it was just decision on the place, something what I needed at this time! **
**and also staying by our host Urs Stoekler is always great experience ;) ...
foto: Roman Krajnik
Comming home, I felt relaxed and refreshed, ready and motivated for next steps.

Invetween I did 2 stages of national championship (lead and boulder), did some team trainings at home and aboard (I think, it is no need to mention, that training at Mitterdorf is always very welcome). Well, something is hapeening all the time and I just love it! :)

Overall, for me it was month of important comps and peaks of the season, time of travelling, training and competing. But not just that, it was also enjoyabe month and month of good and value confirmations. I felt better from comp to comp and now, all I want is, to prospone this feeling into the next 3 weeks of 'Asia world cup tour' adventure. Wish me luck! ;)

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  1. We are so happy for and with you! Perfect climbing in finals, go for the next.
    We are with you.