sreda, 17. september 2014

Arco Rockmatser

After few days of climbing in Innsbruck I continued on my way to the legendary Rockmaster in Arco.
This comp has a special meaning among all comps and masters I have ever done. For me, remembering last year's event is something that brings me special memories and strong emotions. Receiving the La Sportiva competition award for best comp climber of the year, followed by winning the master itself next day... Truly unforgettable... So, this year, well, let's say I have been looking forward for a long time to this event.

In the comp itself, I took 2nd place in lead and 3rd place in 'duel' lead-speed event. I regretted a bit that my performance in semifinal 'on-sight' route was quite bad, as my climbing was too full of unnecessary doubts and lack of self-trust. The lower height from the previous round (unfortunately I finished 2nd due to the countback) cost me another title on this magnificent master. 
All foto by: Luka Fonda
You can also enjoy watching final climb and duel battle video -> HERE (final) and HERE (duel)

All congratulations to the winners, Magdalena Rock and Sachi Amma!

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