četrtek, 28. avgust 2014


On the way back from the championship in Munich I decided to make a stop at Innsbruck. I had (probably) already everything I needed with me, so why not? :)

Unfortunately I had to stay there alone, because my visit was really unplanned and  spontaneous, but Innsbruck is great place to stay anyway . Being surrounded by lots of climbers and nice routes in Tivoli is a guarantee that you will never get bored! :)
My climbing partner in Innsbruck was Alex Khazanov, a young and really strong Israel climber. Even though he is a bouldering specialist, he was psyched to do a route or two every day too! (and he looked really solid and strong) Thank you for the company! ;)

I really enjoyed that three day stop on the way to Arco and I 'm now feeling refreshed and motivated for everything coming up!

Can't wait!

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