sobota, 22. marec 2014

New Slovenia climbing team gym and first training camp

At the beginning of March, we received a new and incredible gift - our own, new and very good Slovenia climbing team training gym! :D
It is the result of the work of few a committed people and of course, strong sponsor support. So, right away, I would like to thank to all who made this project possible and helped to realize it.

Soon after opening it was time to put the  gym to a 'serious test' with team training camp week. This time, thanks to the new gym, we didn't need to go abroad, but could enjoy all the benefits of hard training and working out together, just a few kilometers away from home. I have to say, that I enjoyed this training camp very much, maybe most of all the that I have ever done (which is quite a lot).

I have recognized the benefits of bouldering gyms in past years, when after some time at such gyms my performance and climbing on boulders usually made a big leap in a few days. Sometimes just playing on larger amounts of already set boulders was enough to get a feeling of 'open' and high wall, bouldering on slabs or other similar styles to competition walls and conditions.
I was definitely very pleased when I got an opportunity to have it near home. And not only this, but also to have chance to cooperate with great coaches and setters who know how and what to do and have desire to help and share it with you. With working on boulders, sometimes set specially for you, you can definetly target your weaknesses and points which you may work on. Really incredible achievement for improvement! I am also very happy for all youngsters, who will have chance to enjoy it right from the start. I just hope we all will use it and keep it at its best! :)

All (and more foto) from here: Slovenija climbing team FB page (part 1 and 2)
I am really looking forward to spending many nice, quality climbing and fun days at this place. Can't wait! :) 

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