petek, 21. februar 2014

Training in January, February, ...

After I came back from Jordan I did not hesitate to start climbing and training back on plastic again. The first few days were interesting and quite hard, but I adapted easily and started to enjoy  working out every day and made progress soon.
at 'DEŠ' - photo by Marko Bratina
Most of the time, I spent with my coach (Roman Krajnik) in Škofa Loka. I also climbed with the Slovenija climbing team, meeting twice per week at different places and gyms all around Slovenija to train together. It is really a pleasure to try hard with good company, nice routes, walls and people who know what to do! :)
Some of the places we were at, included Climbing Center Ljubljana, UrbnRoof, Prestranek, at Domen Škofic's place, DEŠ, ...
more fotos at: Slovenija climbing team FB-page

In-between I also spent some days at Plusclimbing gym in Sežana, appeared on a talk show on national TV, received a reward for best sportswoman of my region and did some other not-just-climbing stuff :)

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