sobota, 23. november 2013

Winter visit and climbing in Chamonix

Just after one day after finish of world cup circuit for this year, I had another competition. It was military climbing competition, on which also some international teams were invited.
I went there with Slovenia armed forces and it was really nice, relaxed and fun trip! :) It was also really nice to spend some time together with other team-mate climbers, meet Martina Čufar and others ...
About the climbing, I have just enjoyed it really much! First day we had qualifications (they were made in kind of 'open' format with 5 routes, 16 boulders and plenty of time to try and do it).
Routes were not really big challenge for me at the moment, but with some boulders I had some more fun. But, together with Klemen Bečan (personal 'hold brusher' and 'beta-giver' at that time: ) ) I managed to do also some harder pieces.
Some more walk around snowy Chamonix, little bit of shopping at local stores, coffee/tea in the down town and perfect climbing adventure day was over.
Next day it was time for finals. It was really interesting to climb same route together with men. Me, Maja Vidmar and 3 guys managed to finish final route and climbed also in superfinal, what was super cool step of an event. (and I also managed to come to the highest point of all :P ).
It was also really successful event for Slovenia armed forces team, with 8 medals and 1st place altogether between teams (1st , 2nd and 3rd places for me, Maja Vidmar and Martina Čufar in lead and boulder and 2nd place for Klemen in lead and boulder).
Just to add, I think this trip will stay in my memory for long time. It was well deserved award for all year's training, competing and travelling around.
Thank you Slovenia armed forces! :)

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