ponedeljek, 04. november 2013

WC in Valence

Well, penultimate lead WC stage is behind us and I have took 2nd place.
Still, we have to be unique, every podium and medal is really nice result! But, I admit that I am maybe not most brilliant satisfied with it. I have started competition well, maybe little bit stressed, but there was already totally different situation next day. In semifinals I have focused on route, climb fluid and precise from start to top and clip the last quickdraw easily. As I was the only one to do the top, I went into the finals with good attitude and confidence.
Competition as usually and traditionally here at Valence is altogether very nice organized. They always make up really nice and big show - light effects, crowd cheering and all atmosphere for climbing is just almost crazy and soo good! :)
But, for me, in finals things went quite different ... Already on observation I saw the route little bit different. Not harder, but just like very nice and interesting climb, looking forward to do it! But, almost for very beginning I took some (more) wrong or harder move sequence selection(s), get a bit stressed, but still calm down quite fast and continued climbing further. Till next stop like this ...
More than by place that I did at the end, I was not satisfied with climbing during the route and doing so much mistake and wrong decisions... Well, even that I saw that I am really good prepared, with climbing like this, it was hard to see the top... and unfrtunately I didn't ...
Won went to JaIn Kim and 3rd place to Momoka Oda. It was also very nice to see Adam Ondra back to comps (he took a gold) and Maja Vidmar after injuries(s) back in finals again! Congratulations to all!

See you in Kranj!

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