sreda, 24. april 2013

Training in Germany

After visit on adidas in Herzogenaurach part of our team staid in Germany.
Our team in Boulderwelt
To be there and enjoy every day on all those crazy good and nice and gyms, walls and boudlers, I have to thank to Slovenija climbing team.
we've been climbing and had a good time
So, in past days we had oportunity to climb at different climbing gyms in Germay -

Boulderwelt in Regensburg

 Flying Klemen

For more pictures and updates you are invited to visit and follow us on Slovenija climbing team profile on FB.

Tomorrow we are moving to our next stop – bouldering WC in Kitzbuehel.
So cross your fingers for me and team mates on Friday and Saturday!

Bye, mina ;)

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