torek, 16. april 2013

Climbing wall in Sežana

Maybe some of you have already noticed, but for all rest, it is true - in Slovenia we have got new climbing wall. It is placed in small town Sežana near coast, just about 15minutes from Mišja peč/Osp, so it is also very nice solution for those, who are maybe sometimes willing to climb outdoor, but weather just isn't good enough. So, perfect for indoor training, winter or also (too) hot summer days, because place is also well air conditioned :). 
... main climbing wall ...
On approximately 300m2 of climbing walls place is offering good climbing conditions for all. Main boulder wall is about 5m height and with different types of overhangs, edges and slabs suitable for for recreation, training and as well high-level climbing. But, there is also a place with wall, more suitable for children, beginners and warming-up.
Children wall under construciton ...
So, for all who are curious about it, you are nicely invited to visit it on THIS location, currently every day from 17.00 - 22.00. 
First new local climbers! :)
More information about it you can find here (under construction) or follow up-date happening on their FB profile of 'Plus climbing'.
Hope to see you there! :D
Bye, mina

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