nedelja, 29. julij 2012

Little update from Swiss

... so, we went there to train! :) unfortunately not all team, but still very good company – our coach Roman Krajnik, 4 boys from Škofja Loka (Urban, Jure, Sergej, Martin) and me.

First day we climbed at Gaswerk, reall ynice climbing center in Zurich. I have been here already for few times, but i am always fascinated over this center – 18 meters height wall and plenty of nice and good routes! Even, that there are not so little of hard stuff (around 8b), after am & pm training we didn't almost nothing left for next time! :)
It looked like our boys maybe didn'thave enough and tried also 'self-belying' routes, where we made one funny video (commin soon - sorry) . and because there were only 4 'places' on this system and they looked more excited over this, i resigned them 'my' place :).
Than we continued our trip next day with training in Bern. Wall there is shorter, but there are still plenty of different, but very good and interesting routes. Shorter, harder and more intensive lines were this time maybe little easier for boys, but even more challenging for me! :)

Today we visit St.Galen, again another really nice and high wall. We climbed till we didn't have enought, went on nice dinner and drive home...

Tomorrow, i am not sure what's on plan, but i am sure it will be another interesting day!

Stay tuned :)

PS: currently some more pictures you can see here, but more are comming in next days ;)

So, next day was different from others ... it was - rest day! we spent it to go to Zurich downtown for see-sighting and little walk, watch movie and just enjoyed the day...

We finished our (too short) trip with stop in classic training place in Innsbruck tivoli. As usually there were plenty of climbers/competitors and bunch of hard and nice routes. At the end of the day i was little sad that we didn't stay there for some days more... but anyway, it was a really nice trip, with good training and company! now, we're going home to rest and prepare for next stop - world cup in Imst! :)

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