sobota, 14. februar 2015

Training in January

I know I didn't post for quite a while, but it doesn't mean nothing was happening.
New aditional boulder wall in our national gym 'Verd' :D
Well, it is true, that after the competition season there are less things and events to write about. But still, it doesn't mean that there is less climbing.  It is even more! :) For all, who had been maybe wondering a bit, what I am doing at the moment I can give you a simple answer - training!

Sometimes alone with coach, sometimes together with other team members. With positive energy, good people, quality training and wall(s). I think this year we really found a perfect balance and the way to work! And it is pleasure to come back on training(s) every day! What it will brings, we will see. But I believe, it could be something good for all of us! :)

What I would also like to add and give thanks about at this place is, a great new additional boulder in our national gym. So, thanks to adidas outdoor and all volunteers (coaches) to put it together for us! :)

Till next time, have fun and climb strong! ;)
bye, mina

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