nedelja, 21. december 2014

After season

Foto: Luka Fonda
Season has passed by and I had time to sit down, relax, think and look back trough the year. I decied to share some highlits in pictures, followed by few words with you. I've been posting them also for few consequence days on facebook and instagram, but if you've missed it, here's an other chance to read them all together again!
Foto: Luka Fonda
#1: When you really want something, you think you do everything 'right' and as you should. Put in lots of energy, commitment and trying hard. But sometimes, what you get out, is not what you have expected. You're dissapointed and tired. You realize, that you need a change ...
#2: And than you decide to let your goals a bit behind, start to 'care' a bit less and 'free' yourself. You decide, your primar goal is to feel good, enjoy your life and things you do. You decide, to go back to your starts, when and why you've started climbing. Because you like it! <3
Foto: Roman Krajnik
#3: Soon, after I made a change in my head, I got the comfirmation from outside. I got a medal. Silver, my first in lead on worldchampionship ever and it meant tomeasa gold whenI got it. But, what is more important, I enjoy(ed) my ife, my climbing. I knew, I am on the right way and I want to do this ..
Foto: Worldcup Kranj - Stanko Gruden
#4: And at the end... When you come from the wall with smile like this, you know, this is what you really want to do.
Foto: the circuite climbing
#5: When competition season was over, I feet like I just don't wanna rest of climbing. I regred a bit, year has already almost passed away. But I didn't regred what was happening trought the year. I loved it, because I've learned a lot. I see, what all I can experience and just can't wait for an new start! :)

After all, I have took some days 'off' and went on a climbing trip to spain with super company and friends. It was - great!

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