sobota, 01. november 2014


Last stage of 3 world cups in Asia was placed in nice town near Tokyo, Inzai. As on many stages here on east, I had also very nice memories on this one from 2 years ago. Also good atmosphere and feelings from previous two events gave me flow and some self confidence for this one...
But, it was also a bit of 'tricky'. I admit, I have started to expect a bit more ... Even, that I wanted just to climb and enjoy how good I felt during climbing competition routes, I didn't manage it into final.
This time I finished both qualifications routes and easily come the highest in semifinal. I also enjoyed routes very much. But, during the most important route, in final, I did many mistakes and at the most important moment, at the end, felt from the top. I missed the 3rd gold in a row. Bitter feeling and a bit of regred because I know, I have climbed very well and showed strong performance during all comp. But still, comps are comps, it's a game and that's why it is always so interesting. Congratulations to JaIn Kim for perfectly finished route and gold medal ;)
I was also very happy about our team success, Maja Vidmar again joined on podium with really nice climbing and Domen Škofic showed onced again how strong he is.
All foto by: Roman Krajnik
Looking back, Asia trip was one of my best! It definitely wouldn't be like this without 'the best coach ever' - Roman Krajnik, company of Spanish team, Italian and others. Thanks to Slovenia climbing team and other supporters made this trip possible for us!

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