torek, 07. januar 2014

Different december

After compeitions I have decided to do some climbing rest and take time for other, different things and activitis, for which I do not have time, chance or will during other part of year.
(enjoy winter sun and rock at Mišja peč, Slovenija; foto:Luka Fonda)
Don't get me wrong – I LOVE climbing, training, competing and travelling around, but changes are something, that I am always open and excited for! :)
So, I used nice and warm (winter days) for climbing outdoor at local crags (Mišja peč), give some advices and trainings to youth climbers at Plus-climbing gym, attended opening ceremony of first Slovenian big wall climbing center in Ljubljana and many other...
I have also visit my hometown and spend some very precious, relaxed and unforgettble time with my parents, challenged myself by cooking, baking and other activities similar to this ...

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