nedelja, 11. avgust 2013

WC Imst :) - and 2nd gold in a week

This time I have really enjoy climbing!
Just after landing at home from world games in Cali, I have packed my stuff and next morning move to next stop - 2nd stage of WC in Imst.

First day we had quite intensive schedule, with two qualifications routes and also semifinals in the evening. I topped out both qualification routes and also in semifinals finished just a hold under the top. Next day, it was just a finals to climb, with all day to relax, prepare and focus on the evening action. Well, it seems I used it pretty well! At the end, I finished on highest point in the route, (almost:) satisfied with my climb and smile on my face!
Long, endurance and fluid routes, makes me almost forget that I am on comp and I have just 'fly' away, somewhere in my world, and just moving between holds on the wall :)

Now, it will be some time to relax and settle down a bit at home. As it is really nice to travel and compete all over the world, this time few days staying at home and train at local gym is something what I just need and want. And sure, make some good preparation for next actions coming up soon – can't wait! :)

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