nedelja, 19. maj 2013

Bouldering in Innsbruck

Well, said with one word, it was not the way I wanted to ...
After Log I was really excited for new comp and challenge coming up soon.
Qualifications went ok. Ok, I still did some stupid attempts, but overall it wasn't so bad. So, I knew I can focus for next round better and try my best! But, next day in semifinals unfortunately I didn't do this... After flash of 1st problem and top of 2nd one I did some more tries in next two, which I did not topped. Even that by the result it looks like I was more than far away from finals, I would say, I showed pretty much in both boulders, no.3 and also no.4, but in both still not enough to see the top, which leaded to next round.

Final boulders looked really nice and I would just love to climb them...
All foto: Roman Krajnik
What I also regret a bit is, that it was one of the last bouldering events this year for me and that at the moment I felt really good on bouldering but/and did not showed it this way...

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