četrtek, 14. februar 2013

Bloudkova nagrada - highest national award for sport in Slovenia

Well, maybe this news is not so important for all non-Slovenian residents, but for me and climbing in Slovenia it is really big and nice achievement.
Foto: Roman Krajnik
Foto: Roman Krajnik
Stanko Bloudek was an important and impressive sport person in Slovenia and highest national sport recognition is named by him. It is also an event with long tradition, started already in 1965. An interesting fact is also, that individual can get this award just once in a life.
(If you speak/read slovenian or just want to see some more pictures, please click here)...

So, I admit, that recieve this award was big, important and nice award for my last year's results and it means lot to me! It was also nice evening, which will stay in my memmories for a while …

But now – go climbing again! :D

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