ponedeljek, 03. december 2012

Weekend full of climbing happening – PDK 2120

As every year also this season's laste competiton event (for me) are so called 'climbing days of Kranj', where for 3 days sport hall of  'Zlato Polje' (place of WC 2 weeks ago) literally change into climbing oaza with all day happening and national competition for all categories.

It is also very nice, that young and absolute category have some competitons at same time. And it is really nice to see all those young climbers and also that they can see and come to us :). So, because after world cup i did not have much time to all those, who maybe wanted to come in touch with me, i get on opportunity to make it better this time...

About competition., i really like this one, because evrything is maybe little more relaxed and fun. But still, I have to say, that i had preapare and foucused onced again for the last event(s) of this year. I was very happy to finish already very good lead seasion by top in qulif. and finals! By bouldering climbing wasn't so perfect, but still good enought for very nice finish of year.

So now, competitions for this year are really come till end. Now and will take some deserved rest, but still, be sure, that climbing (or at least it's company) will stay in my everyday's happening!  

Bye, mina

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