četrtek, 30. avgust 2012

Munich bouldering ...

Munich – last boulderingWC in 2012

It pass quite long timesince last bouldering WC and climbing boulder for me. In this time, i have been totally concentrated on lead climbing, but it doesn't mean, that i have forget how to climb boulders :)

I have good memories for last 2 years competing in Munich – really nice competition area and atmosphere for climbing, good boudlers and also good results. So, i was excited to come here again this year!

In qualifications i did all boulder, 3 flashes and some more (stupid) attempts on last one, but still good enough for provisional 5th place.

For next day, i have expected quite harder boulders and also warmed up this way … but just around 15minutes before start my thumb stucked in hole of sloper when i was trying some nice and hard moves :S …situation wasn't nice, but i tried to forget that it happened, focused on competition and boulders, which were waiting for me outside.
 (well, on this i still need to do something :) ...

Except 'jump-based' boulder i have flashed all other 3 easily :) But, because of 'wrong start' on last one, i got an extra attempt, so it just wasn't enough for finals :SSS . So, i have missed last WC finals this year, finishing on 8th place.

Result maybe really don't seems the best, but for me, this competition was still a good sign for upcoming events. I was quite satisfied with climbing and prove to myself, that i am still strong able to climb boulders on high level and i also believe, fight for best places.

What's next? Will see ... but probably you will here my next update from Paris! ;)

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